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Vanity Fair Publishes Dennis Hopper’s Final Interview

Vanity Fair Publishes Dennis Hopper's  Final Interview
Mere months before his May 29 death from prostate cancer, Dennis Hopper, 74, gave what would be his last interview, an art-centric conversation with Vanity Fair. Though he introduced himself with a mild “I’m sorry, I’m not feeling well,” the terminally ill actor soon dove into depth with the magazine, discussing his upcoming exhibit at LA’s Museum of Contemporary Art.

The article includes a striking full-page photo (above left) of a ghastly thin, introspective Hopper with his four children at his side.

The interview gives a glimpse into Hopper’s final days, laden with both retrospect and currency, even in the center of the ‘Easy Rider’ star and director’s flagging health and legal drama with his fifth wife. After the jump, hear what Hopper had to say about his messy divorce from Victoria Duffy, his finest achievements and his pride surrounding the first LA exhibition showcasing his life’s art and photography.

During writer Bob Colacello’s walk through Hopper’s home, the actor’s art collection was slightly askew. This forced Hopper’s first of two brief allusions to the tumultuous divorce from his fifth wife, Victoria Duffy, who was still living on Hopper’s property: “We’ve been rearranging.”

The second mention of the untimely split, which Hopper filed for in January: “Who would have ever thought I’d be getting a divorce in this state? It was a big shock.”

On the upcoming art exhibit: “I was around when MOCA first started. But I never thought I’d end up there. I mean, to at last have a show in LA.”

Greatest acting achievement? “I think ‘Blue Velvet,’ probably. But I’ve been in such incredible movies. I think at one point I’d been in the five most expensive movies ever made — not that I had large parts in them. ‘Apocalypse Now’ was one.”

Greatest achievement in cinema overall?
” ‘Easy Rider.’ ‘Easy Rider’ and ‘The Last Movie’ were the only films that I made totally on my own.”

On not going to college: “People sit around the Riviera Country Club and say, ‘What school did you go to?’ And I say, ‘Warner Bros.’ It’s true. I signed a contract when I was 18.”

Did he consider himself an actor or director or artist or…? “I made my living as an actor, and I love acting, so I’m an actor. But that gets you in a lot of trouble in the art world. I tell you who’s got it: Viggo Mortensen. He’s a terrific writer. He’s a good photographer. He paints. And he makes music.”

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